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Is Garlic In Your Medicine Cabinet?

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There are those of us who believe Garlic to be a superfood and a must in the “medicine” cabinet. If you are a health fanatic like myself, you will already know the many benefits of garlic, but I hope to enlighten some of you who may not be aware of how valuable this spice can be for you and your families health.

I had a DO doctor whose practice used natural health remedies. It was always so enlightening for me to go for an appointment and pick his brain to grasp more tools for keeping my family healthy. He said if you didn’t have garlic coming out of your pours, you weren’t consuming enough!  The best part of learning about natural remedies is that there are few, if any, side effects. Garlic could make you smell bad to others though!

With just an ounce of garlic you get an array of powerful nutrients. It is what can be called a “pro-biotic”, which means “for life”. An anti(against)biotic kills bad bacteria but also upsets the balance of healthy gut bacteria, which is essential for a strong immune system. You may notice after you have completed your dose of antibiotics, you get the next thing going around. Garlic can help fortify the immune system. Garlic has nutrients that include manganese, vitamin b-6, vitamin c, selenium, fiber, as well as other trace minerals which cover almost everything you need.

One of my many brilliant philosophies is to make sure you get as many nutrients as you can for the calories you consume, especially as you age. Garlic is a spice but it can be compared to a medicine because of how it can help you fight the cold or the flu. You probably know that medicines don’t really help cure the common cold or flu, they just lessen the symptoms and interfere with your body’s own ability to build its army against sickness and disease. Garlic is also valued to improve cholesterol, blood pressure, Alzheimers, bone health, candida, thrush, Helicobacter Pylori infections, cancer and more. For more information search out reliable resources that love natural health cures.

Allicin is the compound in garlic that makes it a superfood. Garlic is most beneficial when it is crushed, chopped, or smashed to release the enzyme to mix with the allicin. Best to throw it in your dish toward the end to get the most out of it, too much heat can destroy the value. I would just chop it up and swallow it down like a pill when I wanted to fight something.  If you don’t like to eat it, you could always make a purchase from a reputable vitamin company and get it in pill form.

I hope in 2023 and beyond you see the value of healthy eating and exercise as a way of having a life you can enjoy.

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