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Darla’s 5 diet rules

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Darla’s 5 diet rules


1. Love yourself first by learning to make healthy choices when you are at social events.Don’t be too concerned with what others may think about what you are or are not eating. . Eating is a part of every social society but if you eat bad you will feel bad and it will effect your health eventually.  Is it worth it? Enjoy the company more than the food.


2. As soon as you get up each morning drink a glass of water to break the fast and flush the kidneys. Make water a priority throughout the day.  Work on consuming at least 8 glasses.


3.   You need less food then you think! The American diet is oversized! I’m an advocate for 4-6 small meals every 4 hours. Maybe you prefer 3 meals a day. It is important to become very familiar with serving sizes and food groups. Eat only what you need of each food group! It takes work and planning at first, but you will become familiar and it will be easy. Shrink your portion sizes and it will shrink your stomach and your appetite.


4.A healthy gut is a must!  Eating sugary foods will increase the addiction to sugar and upset the balance of healthy gut bacteria which you need to be able to utilize the nutrients from your foods. Your body is an amazing machine that needs high octane foods, real foods. If you want to feel good and look your best watch the sugars, including all the high calorie low fiber carbs (like bagels and pasta).


5. If you are living just to eat you are missing your purpose! For sure you should enjoy your food, but you CAN learn to enjoy the foods that are beneficial, I promise.  A-Z vitamins come from real foods, eat simply. Read the ingredients.  Limit sauces, sugars, artificial colors and flavors, breaded and fried foods.  These ingredients are unnecessary for metabolic functions and will be a cog in your health and weight loss or weight control. They can also affect your attitude and behavior. Tell yourself “you eat to live”.

“Great workout today, for the first day of a new plan!!! And any day! The best decision I have ever made of my life, health, fitness, and well being going forward is putting my faith in you! You’re the best on all levels!