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Impressionable children

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I have had the privilege of working at Forever Friends Day Care with a group of beautiful children, not to mention their wonderful teachers. I am so excited and humbled to be part of an environment that really wants the best for the children. I’m sure they are one of many.

The children and I celebrate Super Sport Day by doing fun physical exercise movements appropriate for children. Then we take the last few minutes to read and color a page of my workbook called “Healthy ABC’s.

The kids are eager to move physically and learn and talk about nutrition. Where does that go as we age?!  I am happy that most of them are very aware that  fruits, vegetables and exercise are really important.

I hope to make an ever lasting impression on these wonderful children to continue to love exercise and make good food choices their whole life through. Maybe their enthusiasm will be contagious! They are my Super Sport Heroes… no one is too old for that!

“Darla’s uplifting attitude is extremely refreshing and her words of encouragement are given often and greatly appreciated! When working with Darla, you can’t help but want to do your best. Her extensive knowledge of physical fitness allows her to personalize your exercise. Most importantly, Darla provides exercises and valuable nutritional information to keep you healthy the rest of your life!”

Karen from Pen Argyl, PA
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