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Grab and Go Antioxidants

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You have probably heard about antioxidants before, or maybe not? The prefix anti means against, and oxidation is what antioxidants are against. What is oxidation? I will explain it as best I can.  Oxidation is a chemical reaction where electrons are transferred from one molecule to another, and that is as scientific as I’m going to get about the subject! That in itself is not always bad, but in the body when that happens with free radicals things can become unstable (unhealthy). I’m not going to try to give you a whole scary lesson because all of these processes are natural and happen in bodies everywhere all the time. But when things get out of control, too many of the bad guys and not enough of the good stuff, then trouble can happen. So the point, eat on purpose. Give your body a fighting chance by arming yourself with some antioxidant foods. Fruits, vegetables, grains, eggs and nuts.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant and found in a long list of foods that are easy to grab and go. When I’m packing my lunch before school it probably takes me 10 minutes. I grab a handful of organic spring mix and throw it on a plate and I add a hard boiled egg some nutritional yeast. Then I add a little of my favorite dressing and cut it up really small and squish it into a small container. It is pretty fast and I have all foods with high quality nutrients. I personally think it’s pretty yummy.

You may not like that combination, so be creative with your vegetables and protein. Just remember about a teaspoon of dressing not to ruin your good high quality meal with unwanted calories. Save those unnecessary calories for a small piece of dark chocolate, another beneficial antioxidant.

Though I attend several of her classes, where Darla truly shines is as a personal trainer and
health coach. She saw where I was, and helped me to get where I wanted to be, even though I
wasn’t sure I was communicating it clearly. After just a year my Dr. was amazed to report my
bone density had improved, and my overall health was enhanced. Darla keeps training fresh,
challenging, and enjoyable; and she is always supportive and encouraging. During this time of
sheltering I have been continuing my training sessions via Skype, and her eagle eye doesn’t
miss a thing…still correcting my form and pushing me to go beyond where I thought I could go.
Thank you doesn’t seem nearly enough for someone who got me back on a positive health track
that has enriched body, mind and spirit. But thank you anyway, Darla.

Laura, Newton New Jersey
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