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Attention All College and High School Students

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The school year has come to a close and it is finally summer break, how we have been looking forward to that! It is also a great time to get into shape. The winter blahs and bad school food isn’t always great for the waistline, so why not plan to schedule some personal training as part of your summer fun.  Training is different than joining a gym or trying to get yourself to do something on your own. It gives you that little push you need to make sure you get your exercise in and in a way that you enjoy. I can offer a variety of exercise modes, certainly one that you will look forward to showing up for. The conversations about “whatever”, and good nutrition just add to that personal touch that will motivate you all summer.  Students get a special price!  It will be a decision you will not regret!  Give me a call or email and let’s get started.

“Great workout today, for the first day of a new plan!!! And any day! The best decision I have ever made of my life, health, fitness, and well being going forward is putting my faith in you! You’re the best on all levels!