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Something Old and Something New to become a Healthier You!

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It is the Information Age and there is always new science when it comes to diet and exercise. All this information can be conflicting and overwhelming. I feel very confident that if you stick with some old school common sense like drink plenty of water, eat a balance, (I say that a lot) you can then take some of the new information and see how it fits. I do not believe everyone should be doing exactly the same thing for exercise or diet. While I can generalize anatomy and physiology, the structure and function of the body, I cannot say that all bodies respond the same to the same movements or diet. My philosophy is always to start with a good foundation for eating and movement and develop a plan that is a good fit. We cannot all go and buy the same brand of sneakers even if we are wearing the same size. We are all similar yet very unique.

We all have to work at developing our skills and the things we are interested in get more of our attention than the things we are not. If we don’t love cooking then to plan out meals that take many ingredients and a lot of preparation is very unrealistic. If I don’t like running, than that should not be my choice for exercise just because other people can do it with ease and look amazing.  It may take some trial and error on your own or with a great trainer, like myself (wink wink), but you will need to come up with a plan for a healthy lifestyle if you want to live an energetic life with the least amount of medical interference. It is a fact proven over and over that exercise and good nutrition are the most important ways to prevent metabolic syndrome,  high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and obesity. All of these factors effect the quality of your life in more ways than one. Your relationships, your vitality and your finances and even your work performance and attendance are affected by how we are taking care of ourselves.

I know for some people it is very challenging to make the necessary changes to improve these conditions. We should never feel ashamed to need help, no one is good at everything. If you struggle with any of these issues a health coach and or personal trainer with some years of experience would really be a benefit. I know that I need help from others with the things that I am not as good at. I don’t really like needing help, it’s humbling, but it is better for me to ask than to stay in a rut!

If you just start with basic common sense, eat a lot of vegetables. You can cook them or eat them raw, each have benefits. Fresh or frozen are your best options.  If you feel your body doesn’t do well with salad, then by all means cook your vegetables. It is what we put on top that can add too many calories. Salad dressings and butter or even what people call good fat like coconut oil or olive oil should be eaten in moderation. You can eat a lot of vegetables before you eat your needed calorie intake and you are highly unlikely to stuff yourself on brocolli! Remember to get a good amount of clean protein and healthy complex carbs for the fiber that makes you feel full and helps with energy.  Take a walk, go up and down your stairs (carefully), jump rope…find something you enjoy and get moving. If something new looks exciting and motivates you toward a healthier lifestyle give it a try, but don’t go all out or you will likely get frustrated and quit! My grandma used to say everything in moderation and she lived til she was almost 96.

There is never a better time to make smart goals than today. Specific-Measurable-Relevant and Time-Bound!  Believe you can and you’re half way there!

“Darla’s uplifting attitude is extremely refreshing and her words of encouragement are given often and greatly appreciated! When working with Darla, you can’t help but want to do your best. Her extensive knowledge of physical fitness allows her to personalize your exercise. Most importantly, Darla provides exercises and valuable nutritional information to keep you healthy the rest of your life!”

Karen from Pen Argyl, PA
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