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Grab and Go a banana and some nuts

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I’m all about making life simple when it comes to eating. That does not fit everyone’s style, but if that is you then you are going to like my grab and go series that I’m working on to give you ideas for quick meals or snacks when you are on the run. You have probably already heard that bananas come conveniently packed in their own skin ready to take in a hurry. If you spend a few minutes of your time you can have “to go” size snacks of raw nuts that are so healthy. Nuts are very good for you but they are high in healthy fat, but too much fat, well you know where that goes! Count out 10-15 and have them ready in small reusable containers or bags just so you can be fast and be out of excuses not to eat healthy.

It is not recommended to eat too many bananas because of the sugar content, but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid them altogether. I know a lot of people who like bananas in their morning smoothies, for most women I recommend only a 1/2. I love a half of a frozen banana as a treat with a little nuts and some cinnamon.

Check out what you get when you eat a banana. A medium banana is a little over 100 calories and full of great nutrients. It has the daily value of the following vitamins:

22% B6 (significant for fat, carb, and protein metabolism, and assists in creating red blood cells= energy,  and neurotransmitters=brain stuff)

17% Vit C (an antioxidant, good for immune health and fighting free radicals)

16% Manganese (contributes to metabolism of protein, carbohydrates and cholesterol. It has a role in bone formation and reducing inflammation)

12% Potassium (an electrolyte, put away that energy drink stuff unless you are an extreme athlete, nerves and heart benefit, moves nutrients into cells and waste out)

8% Magnesium (is a cofactor is more than 300 enzyme systems, you may want to look it up!)

Look at all these good things that can happen in your body when you eat a banana, you are not going to get that through the drive through at fast food. We need to really be aware of what we are putting in our bodies to make sure we can get the things we need to be well, that is always my first priority when I share and when I eat.



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