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I’d like to talk a little about benefits today.  It is a good word with a positive tone.  When you choose to eat fruit, it is going to come with benefits.  Where do I begin….how many body functions can thrive when fruit is in your diet. Let me name them: Adrenals, Bladder, Bones, Brain/Nerves, Bronchi, Ears, Eyes, Female Reproductive Organs, Gall Bladder, Gums/Teeth, Hair/Scalp, Heart, Intestines, Joints, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs, Lymphatics, Male Reproductive Organs, Mammary Glands/Breasts, Muscles, Nails, Pancreas, Pituitary Pineal, Prostate, Skin, Spine, Thymus, Thyroid, Uterus, and Veins and Arteries.  WOW right! One good thing about fruit is the sweetness, most people like sweet. Eating a few servings of fruit each day not only add bulk (fiber which helps you feel full and aids digestion) and water, but helps curbs cravings for the wrong kind of sweets. I happen to believe that most people crave sweets naturally because our first introduction to food, breast milk, is a little sweet. Fruit is low in fat, salt and calories (compared to many other carbohydrate choices) and has fiber. Fruit is rich in vitamins and has no bad stuff (we are not counting sprays and stuff like that).  It is great for building a strong immune system.  There is such a great variety you must be able to find something that you like!  I suggest you eat two to three servings a day! This is the time of year to get started, there is no time like the present to make good changes!

Though I attend several of her classes, where Darla truly shines is as a personal trainer and
health coach. She saw where I was, and helped me to get where I wanted to be, even though I
wasn’t sure I was communicating it clearly. After just a year my Dr. was amazed to report my
bone density had improved, and my overall health was enhanced. Darla keeps training fresh,
challenging, and enjoyable; and she is always supportive and encouraging. During this time of
sheltering I have been continuing my training sessions via Skype, and her eagle eye doesn’t
miss a thing…still correcting my form and pushing me to go beyond where I thought I could go.
Thank you doesn’t seem nearly enough for someone who got me back on a positive health track
that has enriched body, mind and spirit. But thank you anyway, Darla.

Laura, Newton New Jersey
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