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Patience is Positive

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Patience is such a positive quality to possess. I know I have a long way to go myself in learning to employ it. It is a valuable tool when we have dreams and visions for any area in our lives. I recently read a small book called “Stop Treating Disease, Start Building Health by Steven Horne, RH(AHG). He is a Nature’s Sunshine Supplement Advocate.  I have also used NSP as my source for vitamins and herbal supplements for many years and I am very happy with the quality and results I have obtained. In his little book he shares how important it is that we understand working on becoming healthy is a process that can take from 3 months to a year. Different that taking medications prescribed or over the counter that deal with symptom relief, to become healthy again we must address the cause. Learning to recognize the foods that may be offensive to your body takes an effort and a purposeful awareness.  Your body speaks: headaches, allergies, lack of energy and general aches and pains are signs and signals that your body is not happy with what you have been eating. You can eat junk calories and have some fuel to keep you going through the day, or you can eat nutritious calories and fuel your body organs and systems for optimal function. If you are interest in learning more, call me for a consultation. If nothing else, do 2 things: eat whole foods and listen to your body! That is a great start to a life of vitality.

“Darla is a great trainer and fitness coach. When I first became a client, I was recovering from a shoulder injury. She made sure my routine was appropriate and continued to coach me to greater levels of stamina and strength. And, the cool thing is that she truly cares about what I want to accomplish. Now four years later, my doctor informed me that my “age markers” were those of someone 20 years younger than my chronological age.”

Connie from Easton, PA
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