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Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food

Posted in Food, General, Health, Nutrition, Vitamins

Hippocrates said that way back (somewhere 431 BC). He has obviously been getting dizzy turning over in his grave as more and more centuries have passed only making our food choices and sources less than beneficial, let alone like medicine! Many of us (myself included) get into eating the same foods over and over and miss out on the variety of nutrients needed for body functions. Then there are countless diets with food restrictions that don’t make up for the nutrients that can’t be obtained without ingesting the missing food class. Vitamins and herbs can be a good source to pick up some of what is missing. I can help you with what you may be missing. For instance, do you get leg cramps in your sleep, you may be missing potassium or calcium. I myself have used Nature’s Sunshine for many years with positive results. Eating a variety of natural foods is always our best and most valuable source for nutrients. I hope you will take some inventory, if you go too long with out proper vitamins and minerals, important body functions will most definitely will be affected.

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