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Grab and Go: Starting with A is for Apple

Posted in Food, General, Health, Nutrition, Vitamins

We are so busy all the time, aren’t we! So many obligations and time constraints that we don’t often have the time to prepare our meals. I will be talking about things we can “Grab and Go” in my next several blogs.

Today let’s talk apples. When I was young there was a saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  I really believed that to be true. I don’t hear that much anymore, but to generalize, the value it refers to is this: if we would eat more fresh, raw food it may actually help us stay healthy. You know that my philosophy is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I hope 2021 you will consider making that your philosophy as well by making good food choices, and I hope to help you with that by giving you good information.

You know, if you do some research there will be variables, so don’t hold me to these exact percentages. One medium apple has 95 calories and14% of your daily vitamin C (which is an antioxidant-fighting off the bad stuff.) A medium apple has 195 mg of potassium which is good for your heart, and 4.4 g of dietary fiber. Fiber helps you get full and feel full longer. It also has minute amounts of other nutrients as well as a good percentage of water.  As you can see, you get a good bang for a small amount of calories. An apple is a complex carbohydrate and a good choice if you have to just “grab and go”.

What things have you been using as your quick source to eat on the run? Donuts (glazed) 269 calories; Snickers (1.56 oz bar) 215; poptart (Kellog’s) frosted 200, unfrosted 210; New York Bagel, depending on the size and what you top it with will be 380-800 calories…should I go on? I could mention several different breakfast bars/granola bars which may be much lower in calories, maybe even 100 calories, not much more than the apple, but are loaded with unwanted sugars and oils that are not the best.

Let’s sum it up: An apple has 95 calories, and also provides vitamin C, potassium, fiber, water, and with that we are out the door and feeling good!

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Connie from Easton, PA
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