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“cholesterol” from Tom Valentine, Facts on Fats and oils

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I’m going to share this as it is written from my “Nourishing Traditions” cookbook loaded with informative and interesting facts.  “Cholesterol is especially important to our brains. That’s right, today’s “most hated” substance is essential to the human brain function. In fact, infants need a constant supply cholesterol during brain development, which is why mother’s breast milk is so high in it. Modern science tripped over itself somehow when it names cholesterol the bugaboo of heart disease. Nature doesn’t make that kind of mistake- but man does. (Most soy-bsed infant formulas contain no cholesterol.)

Animal products are important sources of bodybuilding elements in the diet. Good sources of vitamin A and D and rich in minerals, vitamin B6 and B12. Meat, eggs and milk with the fat they come with for proper assimilation.

I have been a big believer in a balanced diet, and this is another reason to make sure you don’t cut out all your fats.  If you can eat organic that would be beneficial, even still, better to eat a variety of food to cover all your nutrient needs.



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