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Burgers and Fries

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Most of us Americans grew up eating burgers and fries whether made at home or bought from a fast-food variety and many of us still love a good burger. In the ’80s much of the facts you heard about nutrition were that fat was bad and carbs were good because they had no fat! What! Now, look at the mess we are in! Since I am not a registered dietician or a certified nutritionist I have to speak off the record and from observation if you want to go crazy read all the “expert” opinions about food.

I’m all about logical and practical, I am a creationist and I believe God made food (animals for us to eat cows, chickens, turkeys, etc., but not your domestic pets of course!) so we could obtain the necessary nutrients for good health. The bible says all food is good and blessed when it is received with thanksgiving. I am talking about food though, there are a lot of things we can put in our mouths that are edible but not food!

Moderation or balance is another important factor when choosing food types. I wouldn’t suggest a hamburger every day or steak, but neither would I suggest fish or chicken or only vegetables to be exclusive.  I believe that grains (know your grains) have an important role in our diets and they have been around for thousands of years, it is unfortunate that modern farming may not be able to reproduce what food once was. I am going to put my trust in God, you certainly cannot get any 100% perfect food from this planet so don’t stress about it…remember that STRESS is really bad for your health.

If you feel like eating a nice burger (definitely skip the bad bun) get yourself some organic ground beef if you can, saute some of your favorite vegetables and pile them high on your 3-4oz burger…maybe sprinkle a little cheese for garnish and extra flavor (not American cheese). It really doesn’t take any longer to make it yourself than it does to go through a drive-thru somewhere!  Homemade fries are also very quick and easy in your toaster/convection oven. Slice some potatoes thin and with a little olive oil or your preferred healthy choice (make sure it is a healthy choice) and in about 25 min you can have your own fast food at home!

Let’s eat!

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