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Just think for a minute about how you feel when you smile, or how you feel when someone smiles at you. It is important to realize that our good health is not just genetics, chance, the latest virus or even good habits! Here are 7 good reasons to smile. I took this information from the United Concordia Dental website and summarized it for a quick view. After all, it doesn’t take that long to smile!

1 Improves mood and increases positive thoughts.

2. Lowers blood pressure.

3. Stress Relief: even if you are not “feeling happy” it has psychological and physical health benefits.

4.Better relationships: positive emotions make it easier to build and maintain healthy relationships.

5. Stronger immune Function (A merry heart is good like a medicine), it releases signaling molecules in your brain that fight stress and illness.

6. Pain relief: causes your body to release its’ own natural pain killers.

7. Longer life: smiling and positive emotions are associated with increased life span.

Smiles don’t even have to be genuine to have a positive effect. You have heard the phrase “fake it until you make it”, try it! Celebrate the small things. There is a thing called “world smile day” the first Friday of October, but don’t wait until then! Life is too short and is a gift, start today.


Though I attend several of her classes, where Darla truly shines is as a personal trainer and
health coach. She saw where I was, and helped me to get where I wanted to be, even though I
wasn’t sure I was communicating it clearly. After just a year my Dr. was amazed to report my
bone density had improved, and my overall health was enhanced. Darla keeps training fresh,
challenging, and enjoyable; and she is always supportive and encouraging. During this time of
sheltering I have been continuing my training sessions via Skype, and her eagle eye doesn’t
miss a thing…still correcting my form and pushing me to go beyond where I thought I could go.
Thank you doesn’t seem nearly enough for someone who got me back on a positive health track
that has enriched body, mind and spirit. But thank you anyway, Darla.

Laura, Newton New Jersey
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