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Reading Labels

Posted in Food, General, Health, Nutrition

Reading labels on food items can be confusing. No doubt some of the vitamin names sound just like bad chemicals! Just keep your life simple and train yourself to enjoy eating natural things. YES, you can! Eating is a matter of habit. If you were born somewhere other than America your original diet would have been natural in your culture. Some places eat things we would be afraid to touch because it would be strange to us.  America has a mix of cultures which gives us an opportunity to have a variety for our palate. Variety is not a bad thing, but processed food is. The majority of our eating should be simple and fresh. Fruits and vegetables (no dips and commercial dressings, NO) If feeling good and looking your best is your goal. The KISS principle is good practice. The fewer the ingredients on your label, USUALLY means more healthy. Sugar doesn’t count! I pay more attention to food types and serving sizes than calories, because all calories are not created equal. Think you heard all this before! It is ok get to get reminders so we stay the course, keep your daily disciplines today and enjoy a better tomorrow.

“Darla’s uplifting attitude is extremely refreshing and her words of encouragement are given often and greatly appreciated! When working with Darla, you can’t help but want to do your best. Her extensive knowledge of physical fitness allows her to personalize your exercise. Most importantly, Darla provides exercises and valuable nutritional information to keep you healthy the rest of your life!”

Karen from Pen Argyl, PA
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