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My husbands favorite meal

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I thought I’d share with you my husband’s favorite meal because it is quick and easy and healthy. It is beef and bean tortillas..This is how I make it. 1# of Nature’s Promise Organic turkey, 1 can of organic black beans, your favorite salsa, 4 cloves of garlic, your favorite shredded cheese, (he likes hot cheese) Nature’s Promise Organic tortillas, and olive oil. You need 3 frying pans.  Put a little olive oil in 2 of the pans and cut up 2 cloves of garlic for each pan. I also use some red pepper and salt in each, season to taste.  Sauté the garlic a few minutes and add the ground turkey to one pan and drain the can of black beans and add it to the other. I use and old fashioned potato masher and add 3/4 c water in with the beans and smash-em up smooth (it’s an exercise!).  I also use some red pepper and salt in each, season to taste. Add a cup or so of salsa (I really don’t measure, I taste), cook till it bubbles and thickens to a nice consistency, not runny, not paste. Meanwhile you are browning the meat and chopping it up small, you will add the meat to the beans. In your appropriately sized pan for the tortillas you purchased (you have options, small, sprouted grain, white, wheat)heat the pan put in the tortilla goes add a little of your favorite cheese on until it melts, take it out spread on some of the meat mixture, wrap it up… and it is good!  I don’t eat tortillas, I eat my mixture wrapped in a large romaine leaf, lots of leaves, little mixture.  Know your food groups and your serving sizes and you will feel good about your meal.. Don’t forget to add some other fresh vegetable as an appetizer. We want to have the right amount of carbs and proteins at our meals.  I hope you like it! PS. If you prefer beef, I love the organic ground beef I get at Taste of Nature.

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