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How many steps do you get?

Posted in Exercise, Fitness, General, Health

It has been the buzz that you need to get 10,000 steps a day to affect your health in a positive way. Some people are really motivated by that number and regularly attempt it and use their fitbit to track. I have had clients whose device keeps track of arm movements, hmmmm. I don’t think that is what we’re aiming for. You could just use the old school pedometer to keep track if you are not into technology and you just want something to help you see how you are doing.

The real point I would like to make is that it is important to have some kind of goal. I always say anything is better than nothing and 10,000 steps, which is five miles, may be too much to commit to when you are getting started. There was a study done, and there are always so many, that concluded that 4,400 steps led to a 41% reduction in mortality risk! Wow! So if you have been working as hard as you can and fall short of your 10,000 steps be encouraged.

I say make a realistic goal and be consistent,  that is what I always say! If you set a realistic goal for yourself and stay with it, you will be on your way to your best you yet!


“Darla is a great trainer and fitness coach. When I first became a client, I was recovering from a shoulder injury. She made sure my routine was appropriate and continued to coach me to greater levels of stamina and strength. And, the cool thing is that she truly cares about what I want to accomplish. Now four years later, my doctor informed me that my “age markers” were those of someone 20 years younger than my chronological age.”

Connie from Easton, PA
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