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Home Cooking

Posted in Food, General, Health, Nutrition

I remember the days after school we would play til we were called in for dinner. We would all sit together at the table and eat whatever was set before us, like it or not.  Not that I think we should be forcing our children to eat things like liver  or … you fill in the blanks, but structure and a home cooked meal would be optimal for the health of our bodies and our families. Not to waste a lot of time on how we got from there to here but what can we do to start to get back to some of the good habits that gave us a better quality life.  How about just some home cooking.  Cooking from scratch really doesn’t take any more time than using prepackaged foods.  Learn to cook simply.  When we were kids we ate meat, potato and vegetables.  You can buy chicken breast filet or steak or fish and cook them in your broiler or oven or stove top in just a short time.  You can serve a salad, or cut up vegetables and some brown rice a baked potato or some of the variety of pasta with fiber that is now offered faster than following the directions on foods that are filled with unhealthy additives or worse drive through junk that is turning out overweight people everywhere.  We are eating all our calorie needs in one meal because of convenience foods and soft drinks. Let’s go back to some of the things that were beneficial combined with our new understanding and see and feel the results of that.  Home cooking, it’s not so hard, give it a try.

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