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I know a lot of people have a tough time staying positive through the long season when late fall and winter have shorter days, many times gloomy rays, but everything starts with your focus.  What are you focusing on today? A great quote from John Maxwell’s book Thinking  For A Change says “no good thing can come from bad thoughts and no bad thing can come from good thoughts and your feelings come from your thoughts” .  I may not have that quote verbatim but think about that. If you are thinking thoughts of how much you have to be thankful for, you will end up smiling. I would bet if you determined to write just 7 things or people you had to be thankful for it would snowball to many more. Everyone faces challenges in this world, some harder than others, but being thankful for the fact that you’ve already made it through some rough spots and looking for the good will change your mood. Your mood doesn’t just effect you, think about the times you were in a good mood and someone came around you that was really just negative, yuck! Make up your mind to think on things you can be thankful for. A disciplined mind is as profitable as the discipline you need to eat well and exercise. Don’t let the weather be your mood maker. Choose to be sunny on the inside and let your sunshine bless others.

“Great workout today, for the first day of a new plan!!! And any day! The best decision I have ever made of my life, health, fitness, and well being going forward is putting my faith in you! You’re the best on all levels!