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September 1, 2015

Posted in Fitness, General, Health

I can’t believe it is September already, 3/4 of another year like a flash.  Just an important reminder that life is so precious. I have 4 wonderful sons and a beautiful daughter in law. I have a terrific husband and he also has great children and grandchildren.  I have already eaten some good for me food today. I have a car a home and exercise stuff. So much time can be wasted on the “have nots”. I heard a story from my client yesterday that made me realize I still need to work on my “attitude of gratitude”. She told me of a man who had a physically demanding job, but fell in his kitchen and became paralyzed. I had heard a similar story from a co-worker years ago about a 35 year old who fell in the shower. Sad stories, yes, but I have know people with even sadder stories who’s attitude in life was beautiful anyway! So how much do you have to be thankful for today? I have learned a lot about looking at my glass half full, it took a long time, but I’m thankful that I am much better at it today! Stress can be greatly reduced and the quality of life greatly improved by our choice to find the good, count our blessings.  Focus on the positive. That person who irritates you must have one good quality you can dwell on. Are you able to move today, wow, that is a benefit worth smiling about. If there are things you can do to improve your situation, do it, if not let it go!  Don’t wear yourself out on the things you can’t change, the sun is going to come up in the east tomorrow, we can’t control the world.  Stress is still our greatest enemy for a quality life! Remember don’t sweat the small stuff. Your thinking effects your moods, your moods effects your health and everyone around you. You are in control of that. Finish this quarter of the year strong and joyful. Make a new habit to be thankful!

“Great workout today, for the first day of a new plan!!! And any day! The best decision I have ever made of my life, health, fitness, and well being going forward is putting my faith in you! You’re the best on all levels!