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We all want enough energy to do the things we need to get done, with some left for fun!  Complex carbohydrates have gotten thrown out with the whole no carbs diets.  If you want to have energy your body’s primary source of fuel is complex carbohydrates.  They are converted to fuel.  Remember it is quality that is important and quantity should be a big consideration.  Read your labels for serving sizes and fiber.  If you remember to balance them out with protein and fats your body and your brain will be energized!  Remember it is the white flour and white sugar that you want to avoid or keep to a real minimum.

“The thing I love about working with Darla is that she’s totally attuned to my strengths and limitations. I’ve always been motivated but Darla’s guidance has helped me focus on what I want to achieve and save a lot of wasted energy. The individual attention and coaching is something that you just can’t expect to get in a group setting.”

Dennis from Saylorsburg, PA
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