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Dry Skin Remedies

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As the days get colder the skin can get dry and itchy.  Here are some ideas from a book that is called Natural Cures and Gentle Medicines by FC&A.

1: Wash you skin with warm or cool water, never hot.

2: Baths are actually less drying to your skin than showers, but don’t soak longer than ten minutes.

3: Warm up your bathroom, that will help you keep the water temp a little cooler.

4: Save strong antibacterial soap for your underarms, feet, and genital areas.

5: Don’t rub your skin too hard after bathing and use a moisturizing lotion.

6: Balance your diet by eating plenty of foods that contain vitamins A and C to keep your skin smooth and supple (not just for winter). Dark green and colorful fruits and vegetables.  Don’t forget to drink plenty of water every day.

Winter is not my favorite season, but when you are properly prepared and find things to look forward to, any time of the year can be pleasant.

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