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“Beef Up”

Posted in Exercise

How important is it to build muscle?  How many women are concerned about getting big bulky muscles and are afraid to weight train.  Well, there is more than one means to build strength and most women are not capable of building gigantic muscles, so no need to fear.  You should be more afraid of not strength training!  Why, you ask? Here is some great info taken from Metagenics, a well established vitamin company.  “Muscle is the body’s biologically active tissue, and needs far greater amount of calorie fuel to maintain itself compared to body fat.  Therefore, a high ratio of muscle to fat increases your metabolism, meaning you burn more calories each day!”  Tune in next week for more info.

“Darla is a great trainer and fitness coach. When I first became a client, I was recovering from a shoulder injury. She made sure my routine was appropriate and continued to coach me to greater levels of stamina and strength. And, the cool thing is that she truly cares about what I want to accomplish. Now four years later, my doctor informed me that my “age markers” were those of someone 20 years younger than my chronological age.”

Connie from Easton, PA
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