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Not sure what to give your best employees, why not give them the gift of a personal trainer for Christmas. What better way to say you really care. Special rates available for multi purchasing. You can offer some on the job site exercise tips to help relieve the tension of just sitting behind the desk all day. I’ll come in and show different simple exercises and stretches that can be done at or near the desk to help alleviate tension.  It could be the difference in the amount of sick days an employee might need. That could save everyone money! Think, and ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

“Darla is a great trainer and fitness coach. When I first became a client, I was recovering from a shoulder injury. She made sure my routine was appropriate and continued to coach me to greater levels of stamina and strength. And, the cool thing is that she truly cares about what I want to accomplish. Now four years later, my doctor informed me that my “age markers” were those of someone 20 years younger than my chronological age.”

Connie from Easton, PA
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